Does your organization, school, club or church need to raise money?

Sell something that everyone needs… everybody loves a clean car, and everyone loves V.I.P. Express Car Wash!


V.I.P. Express Car Wash Offers 2 Different Programs. You Decide What Works Best With YOUR Organization.

Program #1:

Word of Mouth! Simply communicate to your participants, families and friends that you have a Fundraising Program with V.I.P. Express Car Wash via Church Bulletin, School Newsletter, E-Mail Listing and Social Gatherings. Upon visit at V.I.P Express Car Wash that participant will fill out a small form with their name and the organization that they are sponsoring and we’ll take it from there by sending over the information to the event organizer and cutting the check… it’s that easy!! (The portion of the proceeds depends on the service they are purchasing).

Program #2:

Selling V.I.P. Express Car Wash certificates is easy… and you keep 30% of everything you sell, with NO OUT OF POCKET COST!


Having a V.I.P. Express Car Wash Charity Fundraiser is easy… and very profitable!

  • Raise thousands of dollars with absolute ease. Keep 30% of everything you sell, with NO CASH OUTLAY.
  • Sell something that everyone wants & needs. Everyone has a car and everyone loves a clean car from V.I.P. Express Car Wash!
  • No more gift-wrap, candy or coupon books.
  • Partner with V.I.P. Express Car Wash, a respected community car wash.
  • V.I.P. Express Car Wash has been keeping cars clean for over 40 years. We’re the Car Wash in Wood Dale in Georgetown Square.
  • Think GREEN! Parking lot car washes are BAD for the environment… many communities have banned them altogether. Holding a parking lot charity car wash puts your group and organization at risk… and it’s not good for the environment!

We haven’t met an organization yet that doesn’t need to raise money… Religious Groups, Youth & Adult Athletic Organizations, Civic Clubs, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts… you name it! Here’s a way for your organization to raise thousands of dollars in a quick, efficient and environmentally sound way!

Visit our website or call our Fundraising Coordinator at (630) 860-2242.